Our School

Our Philosophy

BNS Believes in Learning Through Play

BNS values the established benefits of children learning through play. It is through playing that very young children learn to engage with and understand the world around them. It fosters their physical, emotional, social, and creative growth.

Our indoor and outdoor spaces are set up to stimulate children’s learning through active exploration and interaction with adults, other children, and materials. We encourage children to use all their senses to gather information, think, create, manipulate, experiment, and develop the confidence to try new activities and experiences.

At BNS, a child's day may include arts and crafts, music and singing, dramatic play and stories, block building, active outdoor play, quiet moments, and many other enjoyable and creative activities.

Our teachers intentionally guide the play with fun and engaging activities – teaching the children important lessons and helping them to reach developmental milestones.

  • We promote cognitive growth by offering a variety of experiences in the areas of social studies, math, language arts and science.
  • We nurture creativity through experiences in music, art and dramatic expression.
  • We foster social and emotional growth by helping children develop self-control, by nurturing feelings of self-worth, and by providing opportunities for them to develop social skills. We help them learn to cooperate, share and talk with others to resolve interpersonal conflicts.
  • We encourage physical development by giving children daily opportunities to use large muscles through activities such as running, jumping and balancing. Outdoor play is planned daily so children can develop gross muscle skills, learn about outdoor environments, and express themselves freely. Students develop fine motor skills through play and activities that includes playdough, threading, puzzles, painting, cutting, and more.
  • We help children learn to successfully complete tasks by providing support, focused attention, physical proximity and verbal encouragement.

We Make Learning Fun

At BNS, children are encouraged to grow at their own rate and in their own style of social interaction and approach to learning. Families as a whole benefit from BNS’ happy and relaxed classroom atmosphere, play-based curriculum and well-planned early childhood programming.

Our goal is to make learning exciting and fun in a way that encourages the child’s positive self esteem.