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Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

How many children are in each class and how many times can I be expected to co-op?

Average participation required for regular co-oping is as follows:

  • Sprouts – 10 children – co-op two to three times per month.
  • Saplings – 13 children – co-op three to four times per month.
  • Mighty Oaks – 20 children – co-op two to three times per month.

You will also serve as a substitute on a rotating basis. Your participation may be increased as dictated by the number of children enrolled in the class.

Limited co-op slots are also available for each class every year. Please see our Co-Op Options and Tuition Page or contact the Membership Chair for more information.

What if both parents are employed?

We have many families in which both the parents work outside the home. Our Director takes into account each family’s schedule and works to accommodate preferences when assigning co-oping days and dates. 

Each year limited co-op positions are available for a higher tuition. Limited co-op parents or guardians are only required to co-op two times in a six-week period and are never scheduled as substitutes. Please see our Co-Op Options and Tuition Page or contact the Membership Chair for more information.

Do you have sibling care?

No, but we do help BNS families coordinate childcare swaps to cover each other on co-oping days.

What are the responsibilities I would have as a co-oping parent at the school?

In addition to co-oping in the classrooms, all BNS parents are responsible for:

  • Serving on either a School Committee or the School Board.
  • Participating in Unpacking Day, Packing Day, two Saturday morning work parties and our fall and spring Rummage Sales.
  • Attending up to four parent meetings throughout the school year, which are usually held in the evenings.
  • Providing the classroom snack on a rotating schedule.
  • Making playdough for the classroom once a year.

What is the application process and how hard is it to get in?

Applications received by DECEMBER 1 that meet any of the following criteria (listed in order of priority), are given preferential consideration for admission to the school or the wait list:

  1. Family applying for a child who will be attending concurrently with a sibling who is already enrolled;
  2. Family who has had children previously enrolled in the school;
  3. Family currently resides within the Bannockburn community of Bethesda or the Bannockburn Elementary School district; and
  4. Parents/Guardians who attended BNS as children.

In addition to the priorities noted above, other factors considered by the Admissions Committee include the date on which the application was submitted and the gender and age balance of the classes.

For more information, please see our Admissions page.

When will I find out if my child is accepted?

Acceptance letters are generally mailed after the beginning of the new year.

Do you offer extended-day programs?

Yes! BNS offers Lunch Bunch on Monday through Friday from 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm. For more details, please see our Lunch Bunch page.

Do you offer summer camp?

Yes! BNS offers a fun and engaging camp program each summer. It is open to BNS children as well as those from outside the school.

More information, please see our Summer Fun page.

Do you accommodate food allergies? Are you a nut-free school?

BNS is not a nut-free school. However, we are happy to accommodate food allergies in our classrooms, during the regular school day, when necessary. We have had students in the past with a variety of food allergies. Working with those children’s parents or guardians, we communicate clear guidelines to the teachers and other parents about what foods are allowed for snack each day.

This does not typically extend to the Lunch Bunch Program, when children bring their own lunches to school. However, we evaluate our children’s needs, and may make adjustments as needed, on a case-by-case basis.