Our School


BNS Provides an Enriched Preschool Experience

Our students enjoy a selection of engaging enrichment programs that run throughout the school year.


Our children attend weekly fun-filled music classes led by Ms. Katy. During music, they explore a variety of basic musical concepts, styles, and instruments. The goal is to foster a love of and lasting interest in the joy of music.

Through active participation, the children learn about:

  • Sound: learning to express themselves through sounds made by instruments and their bodies.
  • Listening: interpreting music and learning to to discern its parts.
  • Voice: using their voices to express moods, tell stories, communicate concepts, and sing memorized lyrics.
  • Musical Controls: learning controls for their voices and instruments such as loud/soft, high/low, etc.
  • Movement: Using their bodies to respond to music, express themselves and enhance songs.

Fitness for Active Kids

BNS understands that preschoolers need lots of opportunities to get moving. Our children attend weekly classes that focus on movement and fitness in a structured format. In these high energy classes, BNS students develop coordination, balance and confidence while being introduced to skills such as passing, catching, kicking, jumping, throwing, and more.

Baking Projects

At BNS, we love to bake! Each week, the Sprouts class makes tasty treats that are baked in our kitchen. Through cooking, they work together while discovering new foods, learning about the different food groups, and exploring new scents and flavors. Plus, cooking is a great way to stimulate all of a child’s senses, making for a memorable learning experience.

Field Trips and Special Visitors

In addition to the programs above, BNS students participate in a variety of field trips. Past years have included trips to Homestead Farm and Glen Echo in Maryland. The children also enjoy special in-school visitors, including Mad Science, John Henry the Guitar Man, The Critter Dude and others.