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BNS Curriculum

Bannockburn Nursery School provides a play-based curriculum that appropriately suits the needs of our children’s early childhood foundation. Each class is specifically tailored to focus on the individual age group it serves with our programs all building towards the goals highlighted below.

Social Emotional:

  • Regulate and recognize own emotions and behaviors
  • Establish positive relationships – with friends and adults
  • Participate cooperatively and constructively in group situations


  • Listen and understand increasingly complex language (follow directions)
  • Use language to express thoughts and needs
  • Use appropriate conversational and other communication skills


  • Demonstrate phonological awareness
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the alphabet
  • Demonstrate knowledge of print and its uses
  • Listen and respond to books
  • Demonstrate pre-writing/reading skills
  • Appreciate the joy of reading


  • Use number concepts and operations
  • Compare and measure
  • Demonstrate knowledge of patterns and shapes

Physical Development – Gross and Fine Motor Skills:

Gross Motor

  • Demonstrate basic locomotor skills (running, jumping, hopping, galloping, skipping)
  • Show balance while moving
  • Climb up and down
  • Pedal and steer a wheeled vehicle
  • Demonstrate throwing, kicking and catching skills

Fine Motor

  • Control small muscles in hands
  • Coordinate eye-hand movement
  • Use tools for writing and drawing


  • Use scientific inquiry skills (questioning, observing, predicting, analyzing, recording …)
  • Explore characteristics of living things, physical properties of objects/materials and the Earth’s environment

Social Studies:

  • Demonstrate sense of self and others
  • Show basic understanding of people and how they live
  • Begin to learn basic geography

Cognitive Development:

  • Observe objects and events with curiosity
  • Approach and solve problem flexibly
  • Show persistence in approaching tasks (willingness to try new things, take risks and make mistakes)
  • Explore cause and effect
  • Apply knowledge or experience to a new context

The Arts:

  • Create and explore the visual arts
  • Create and explore musical concepts
  • Create and explore dance and movement
  • Create and explore drama through action and language
  • Appreciate different forms of art