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Child Information

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Parent/Guardian Information

In order to plan for the most successful school experience for your child, the staff needs to know if your child has been treated for, or you suspect, that your child has any special emotional, physical, or behavioral needs. Examples include, but are not limited to attention deficit, sensory integration problems, severe allergies, impaired senses, and physical limitations. Please specify here any that apply to your child whether they have been diagnosed by a professional or not (use back of application if additional space is needed).

Class Placement Request

Please indicate your class preference. In the event your preference cannot be accommodated, a school representative will contact you to discuss alternate class placement where possible.

Priorities for Acceptance

Applications received by DECEMBER 1st, which meet any of the following criteria (listed in order of priority), are given preferential consideration for admission to the school or the wait list. Please check any of the following that apply to your child:

Refund Policy

If I withdraw my child by March 1st, the $500 deposit will be refunded. After March 1st any deposit and/or tuition is forfeited. If I voluntarily decide to withdraw my child from the School after the commencement of the school year I must provide the School with notice of the intention to withdraw at least four (4) weeks before my child’s departure. Such notice shall be provided in writing to the President of the Board of Directors. All pre-paid tuition and fees will be forfeited and I will remain responsible for payment of all tuition and related fees until the vacancy caused by my child’s departure is filled or until the end of the school year, whichever occurs first. Voluntary departure shall not include any withdrawal that occurs based on a mutual agreement between School staff and/or the Board of Directors that the child’s continued enrollment in the School is not in the best interest of the child, the family, and/or the School, nor shall the term include withdrawals pursuant to Section XII of the bylaws. (A copy of the by-laws is available from the School Office).

Application Fee and Deposit

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