BNS Events

Parent Education Event January 20 1-2pm (Open to the Public Via Zoom)

Join us on January 20 from 1-2pm for a Zoom Parent Education presentation with Claire Lerner, MICSW titled, Why Is My Child In Charge? A Roadmap to End Power Struggles and Increase Cooperation.

This discussion, sponsored by Bannockburn Nursery School, will offer key information and tangible techniques for families and adults working with young children. Sign-up here to receive a link to the Zoom presentation. 

More about the discussion from our presenter, Claire Lerner:

Through my collaboration with hundreds of parents over the past 30-plus years, I have identified eight mindsets that present obstacles to parents responding to their children in the most loving and effective way during difficult moments, and that perpetuate the dreaded power struggle. These include thinking you can control your child and make her behave; and, fearing that tantrums are harmful to children. In this workshop, based on my 2021 book Why is My Child In Charge?, participants will become aware of these mindsets—the lens through which parents filter and respond to their children’s behaviors—which will empower you to make critical mindshifts that help you see your child’s behavior more objectively and respond with sensitivity as you help her cope with life’s inevitable challenges.