December 12, 2016, bns-admin

The biannual  BNS Rummage Sale was a record breaking success last month! If you missed it, don’t worry. You’ll get a second chance to discover amazing deals in the spring and to help support our unique school. Here are 12 things you might find.

Ode to the Rummage Sale

During the rummage sale at BNS, our community found from thee: 12 Wooden block sets 11... more

November 30, 2016, bns-admin

According to the BNS Board of Directors & Staff

With the winter holidays approaching, we thought it would be fun to ask our Board of Directors and teachers about their favorite gifts for the preschool set. We were particularly curious about gifts that prove to be a hit with the kids but that parents love equally for their educational, imaginative, (or quiet... more

November 6, 2016, bns-admin

The children made a book about why they love our local firefighters and this is what they had to say.

Firefighters… “Keep us safe.” “Fight fires!” “Like red.” “Have a water hose.” “Rescue people.” “Spray out fires and have helmets and they help people.” “Go in a firetruck to see a fire in a house.” “Climb ladders.” “Slide down the pole.” “Put on their fire... more

September 30, 2016, bns-admin

Hopefully you did not miss last Friday’s BNS Screen on the Green/Family Film Festival. It was a fantastic evening that included gorgeous early fall weather, delicious food, time well spent with friends and family, and of course, a movie under the stars. This year’s event coincided with the Bannockburn Community’s C70th Anniversary weekend, offering the chance to... more

September 25, 2016, bns-admin

It’s the start to another fantastic school year at BNS, where the parents, children and staff all work and play together. Parents have had a chance to meet the teachers, work in the classroom, dine at Ledo’s together and enjoy a movie under the stars with their families. The cooperative spirit is already apparent!

The summer play dates kept everyone connected... more

February 13, 2016, bns-admin

As noted in a previous blog post, Bannockburn Nursery School is planning to replace its playground’s beautiful wooden train that, after twenty-five years of heavy use, is bound for the great roundhouse in the sky. In the weeks since BNS began to ask friends and neighbors to help Save the Train, over $5,000 has been raised, which will cover a significant portion of the... more

January 29, 2016, bns-admin

Tonight, after we put the children down, with 2 feet of snow on the ground and not a plow in sight, I sent my husband on a trek through the neighborhood to meet a stranger on Massachusetts Ave to give them a can of baby formula.  A person, I don’t know, posted on a neighborhood listserv I don’t live in, about her baby with GI problems that was running out of formula... more

December 10, 2015, bns-admin

The beautiful wooden train in the Bannockburn Nursery School’s playground has been transporting children to wherever their imaginations take them for more than twenty-five years. That’s a lot of trips to the country, the beach, the moon!

Current BNS parent Sara Williams has the unique privilege of watching her daughter enjoy the same train today that she rode... more

November 4, 2015, bns-admin

A co-operative preschool is a community effort.  Parents fill many of the roles from assisting in the classroom to raising funds to serving on the board.  Twice a year BNS asks parents to come together and contribute to maintaining the school and the grounds.   Parents do this either by contributing labor or funds through a buy out.  Their efforts benefit not only the... more

October 28, 2015, bns-admin

As BNS Membership Chair, I have the privilege of meeting so many wonderful families and getting to know our BNS members right from the start. I am struck by the passion that is evident in each family, all of whom share the aim of providing a quality preschool experience for our children. BNS families truly understand the value of community and the impact the... more