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What is a BNS Work Party??

A co-operative preschool is a community effort.  Parents fill many of the roles from assisting in the classroom to raising funds to serving on the board.  Twice a year BNS asks parents to come together and contribute to maintaining the school and the grounds.   Parents do this either by contributing labor or funds through a buy out.  Their efforts benefit not only the school, but also the wider community that lives around the school.

The 2015 Fall work party brought together a wonderful group of people to attend to tasks as small as lengthening the cords on the light switches in the Acorns classroom to as heavy as moving and distributing new sand on the sand boxes and weeding the play grounds.

Every year the work party reveals new challenges.  This year we had to disable the very popular tire swing, and the even more popular train in the front playground is reaching the end.  Rumor has it that exciting plans for both structures may be announced before the end of the year.

Very many thanks to everyone who supported BNS through either donating labor or buying out!