Our School

Welcome to a New School Year BNS Parents!

It’s the start to another fantastic school year at BNS, where the parents, children and staff all work and play together. Parents have had a chance to meet the teachers, work in the classroom, dine at Ledo’s together and enjoy a movie under the stars with their families. The cooperative spirit is already apparent!

The summer play dates kept everyone connected and provided a wonderful opportunity for new families to get to know each other before the first day of school. The teachers invited their new students to come into the classroom before the beginning of school so that they would feel more comfortable on that first day. The Board of Directors and staff were busy preparing for the new school year, even during the summer months. The parents came to Unpacking Day willing to work and learn all about their child’s classroom and school. Even though it’s only been a couple weeks, the co-oping parents have already spent precious hours pushing swings, playing with toys, wiping noses, washing hands, providing snack… all for our BNS children.

Some people might wonder why in the world anyone would choose to join a co-op school, when you spend so much of your valuable time volunteering while your child is in and out of school. What they might not understand is just how much you and your child actually benefit, such as:

  • The unique opportunity to get to know each and every child in the classroom.
  • While working and playing with the children, parents become familiar with age appropriate activities and behaviors.
  • Parents learn how to teach problem solving skills.
  • Parents can pick up new parenting skills from the teacher and other parents.
  • The busy parent has a chance to stop and appreciate the young child’s mind.
  • The classroom experience essentially helps parents to become better connected to their own child at home.
  • Parents can ask thought provoking questions to their child at home, since they know the routines and classmates.
  • Parents gain the confidence to be an advocate for their child’s education – even later on in the elementary, middle and high school level.
  • Parents realize how many ways they can contribute to their child’s education.
  • Parents get to know and appreciate the teaching staff and all other parents.

Another perk to the cooperative nursery school experience is the long lasting friendships that are made between the parents. Everyone is working together for a common goal. The parents really learn to trust each other. This is especially comforting for the parent who leaves a reluctant child at school. Parents will often find the time to socialize with each other outside of school and they look forward to these grown-up only “play dates”.

Fortunately, many families still hold these core values and make an effort to become a part of their child’s early education. Although it would be a lot easier to drop off your child at a “regular” preschool, the investment you put into a cooperative nursery school is definitely worthwhile in the long run. I’m glad you chose Bannockburn Nursery School!

-Angie Zeidenberg