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Top Examples of How BNS is the Smallest World in the Most Awesome Way

Mickey and Minnie had it right, it is a small world after all… and at BNS, kids and parents alike never need to go anywhere without seeing a friendly face, as these top examples of how BNS is the smallest world in the most awesome way will demonstrate…

#6… You go to the grocery store and run into at least two other people from BNS.

#5… You drop your elementary-school age kid off at a new summer camp, and who does he hang out with on the first day? Other BNS grads (now all at different elementary schools and very happy to see each other in a sea of new faces).

#4… Your neighbor, whose son just graduated from college, is a BNS graduate.

#3… You go to the neighborhood pool, and your kids disappear with a pack of friends, new and old time BNSers (now at different schools).

#2… You drop your kid off for his first day of Kindergarten… with four classmates from BNS in his class.

#1… You are at a swanky party at one of those rooftop venues in DC, talking to a wonderful older lady, and when you mention to her that you live in Bannockburn, she tells you that her children’s fondest childhood memories are of BNS, “there is something about that place, they still talk about it…”

Let’s make this a Top Ten or more… what are favorite examples where BNS was a small world??

Photo credit:  ShajiA at the Wikipedia Project