Our School

Teaching Kindness

At BNS, we feel that a big part of preparing our students for elementary school and beyond is teaching them the importance of kindness. Each month we have a philanthropic activity, and recently the kids had fun creating Kindness Rocks. Our current Membership Chair (and former Philanthropy Chair) talks more about the idea behind this great project.

“You are loved.” “Cupcakes.” “Sunshine.” “Hugs.” “You are my friend.”

These are some of the words our BNS children wrote on our latest philanthropic project: Kindness Rocks. These rocks will be placed around the Bannockburn Clubhouse. Words that will bring a smile to your face. Words that will make you feel loved. Words that will give you strength. The Kindness Rocks campaign places rocks throughout the world with inspiring/encouraging messages in hopes that those who may need the right message will find it where it is least expected.

In the current climate, in the DC bubble, it’s easy to see that what our society needs right now is more love and kindness. Where better to find such love but from the words of young children. Our preschoolers cannot read, but here, at BNS, where there are parents and teachers always within arm’s reach to help, it’s easy to see how these rocks may come in handy to lift their spirits up. Holding the colorful sweet designs in their tiny hands, our children don’t need to be able to read for the rocks to work their magic. However, the magic of Kindness Rocks doesn’t stop here with the 2017/18 class. You see, rocks are timeless. They may get smoother or smaller over time but they remain. While the hustle and bustle of life may pass by over generations, rocks are steady. Perhaps that’s what we all really need right now. Steady, timeless, everlasting love and encouragement. Maybe “right now” isn’t just the “current climate” but it’s every day for every child. This was the first year BNS students left their permanent kind footprints in the sands of the Bannockburn Clubhouse. Hopefully each year our students will add more words of love and encouragement or simply just smiles. The rocks may not permanently stay on the grounds but they will not whither and disappear. Perhaps a visiting child will find a rock that speaks to them, place it in their pocket, and rest it on a windowsill at home to remind them that here, in this tiny wooded space, on the edge of a great big town, here there is love and our love spreads with each timeless stone passing through our wooded paths.

We hope that the stones encourage others to leave more Kindness Rocks along the Bannockburn campus. If you feel encouraged to do so, leave your name and a date on the bottom of the rock. You may be surprised 20, 30, 40 years from now to find your rock still sitting here, bringing a legacy of love and hope to sweet children and neighbors for years to come.

Jenny O'Brien