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Springtime and the Community Spirit at BNS

This has been the month for our community to socialize, share, and shop at Bannockburn Nursery School, starting off March with the Rummage Sale and ending with the Spring Fever auction.

A few days before the BNS Bazaar/Rummage Sale, families from the community share and donate their gently and/or not so gently used items.  This is always an exciting time to not only see the huge bags and boxes of household items, clothes, toys, games, books, baby tear, and everything else under the sun being donated for the sale, but it also a time to reunite and catch up with old friends and families who have been a part of the school and/or community for many years.  It is a time that we all come together to support each other once again.

On the actual sale day, there are quite a few people who venture into the community for the sole purpose of getting a bargain.  You will find the professional rummagers peeking into the windows and lining up two or three hours before the doors open.  However, once the regular rummagers have made their way through the sale, the locals start coming out in droves to see friends and neighbors and perhaps to see what bargains are still available.  This is a time when you observe neighbors shopping, laughing, and mingling with each other.  Of course, they also come to grab a muffin or two and a cup of coffee from our famous BNS Bake Sale.

Then we gear up for the next shopping extravaganza.  A few weeks before the school auction, solicitations are sent out to local businesses and families start thinking of ways they can contribute.  It is a fun time to check the mail.  Restaurants, families, and other local businesses often respond generously.

On March 27th, the party date has finally arrived and the Bannockburn Nursery School families have the opportunity to shop for higher-end things at the BNS Spring Fever Fundraiser and Auction.  This was an evening when current and past BNS families came together in a festive atmosphere to eat, drink, and be merry while shopping and socializing together.  The donations included themed baskets, children’s artwork, classes for children and parents, outings for children and parents, as well as a lot of dining and other fun services.

No doubt, the Bannockburn Nursery School community has found fun ways to enjoy each other’s company while supporting their favorite nursery school!

— Angie Zeidenberg, Director, BNS