Our School

Making Sandwiches for Bethesda Cares

If you had visited BNS last week, you would have found an assembly line of tiny hands making sandwiches for Bethesda Cares.  We do this at BNS every year and it’s great hands-on way to get the kids involved in their community and thinking about others.  Here is how one Acorn described what it was like to make sandwiches for the homeless…

“They don’t have food in their refrigerator so me and my school are making sandwiches for them.  I don’t know their names.  But we made sandwiches for them.

“I wanted to do a lot of them.  First you put the out bread.  Then we put on two cheeses and then we put turkey on them and then we put it together and put it in a bag.  I always like making sandwiches.”

Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed and participated, especially Angie and Lacey, who organized the event and delivered the sandwiches.  And most importantly, huge thanks to Bethesda Cares, for the work they do and the support they give our greater community, every day.