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A Favorite Winter Read

Happy New Year to everyone in our BNS family! I have to admit, January is one of my favorite months of the year. The hustle and bustle of the winter holidays is behind us, and for at least a few weeks, we get to settle into a sort of quiet hibernation. We go back to school and work, but things at home feel a bit calmer and more peaceful. In these early weeks of the year, I look forward to simple joys, like curling up on the couch with the kids and a good book.

A perennial favorite in our house is You Can Do it Sam, By Amy Hest. Really, all three of the Sam books (Kiss Good Night, and Don’t You Feel Well, Sam?) are wonderful, but You Can Do it Sam is an especially sweet story for wintertime. In it, a young bear named Sam wakes up early on a very snow day to bake some special treats with his mom to share with his friends. The story not only captures the excitement and anticipation of waiting for a delicious treat to come out of the oven, but also follows Sam on his quest for independence. His mom encourages him to deliver the treats “all by himself,” while she looks on from a short distance. It’s a perfectly relatable story for young preschoolers who really want to do things all by themselves but who are sometimes nervous about taking that first step. 

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