Our School

BNS Thanks Local Firefighters

The children made a book about why they love our local firefighters and this is what they had to say.

“Keep us safe.”
“Fight fires!”
“Like red.”
“Have a water hose.”
“Rescue people.”
“Spray out fires and have helmets and they help people.”
“Go in a firetruck to see a fire in a house.”
“Climb ladders.”
“Slide down the pole.”
“Put on their fire clothes at the firehouse.”
“Spray fires away.”
“Put out fires.”
“Wear hats.”
“Have big ladders.”
“Have ladders so they can get to tall buildings and save people.”
“Have hats.”
“Have big hoses to connect to the fire hydrant.”
“Spray fire with hoses.”
“Have big ladders, put out fires with lots of water.”
“Drive big trucks.”
“Help people.”
“Drive trucks with ladders.”

The book will be delivered to a local fire station next week.