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The BNS Summer Bucket List!

What a year at BNS! How is it that the school year is over when it feels like the first day was just yesterday?  Thanks to Ms. Suzy’s calm and steady direction, our Mighty Oaks are ready to embark on their elementary school adventures. Our Saplings explored their creativity and independence with Ms. Caryn, and they are so excited to be the new Mighty Oaks come fall. And our Sprouts have grown by leaps and bounds under the kind and nurturing guidance of Ms. Squire.

But before the fall, comes the summer. For me, the start of summer is always a mix of anticipation for the laid-back vibes and panic about how we’ll fill all the time. Of course, there are camps, mandatory lazy days, and family vacations, but there are plenty of long days in between.  I like to kick off the summer months by making bucket list to keep us inspired on those days when everyone is extra bored and looking for some fun. We’ve got a few permanent fixtures on our summer bucket list plus some things we’ve never done before. I also asked some fellow BNS parents what they have on their lists. So here you have it, the ultimate BNS Summer Bucket List!

Parks & Gardens:


Indoor Fun: