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Advances in Science and Research at BNS

BNS recently released a trove of new research data when Critter Dude visited.  BNS Sprout and Acorn scientists have compiled the following top ornithological, arachnological, and herpetological findings for your exclusive review:

— Turtles are bumpy on top and flat on the bottom.

— Lizards have bodies that are squashy and hard.

— Turtles wiggle when they eat worms.  Owls don’t wiggle.

— Fangs are for eating other spiders.

— Fast lizards trick people with spiny things on their backs.

— I liked the baby snake.

All data is currently being analyzed and submitted for peer review.  If you have any questions, please contact any BNSer.  They will be sure to have a lot to say about this super fun day with Critter Dude!